At Instant Cash Pawn Broker, we are known for more than just cash in a pinch! We service 1000’s of consumers in:
– Sales of superior electronics; Flat Screens, Computers, MAC’s, Cameras and more!
– Jewelry. Appraised, verified jewelry. It is our business to know it is real and valuable, so you can buy with confidence you are getting the best authentic variety of men’s and women’s jewelry!
– PLUS, 1000’s of other items.

“Our business is taking the best collateral or buying the right items. Our confidence in product, should give you peace of mind in purchasing anything at our store!”

You Don’t have to Sell!

Why need get a loan on the items you love. You don’t have to say goodbye forever to get the cash you need, use it as valuable collateral.
Our loan program is simple:
– Bring in your item and allow us to appraise it.
– Leave your item with us and get cash.
– Terms are flexible and simple. You can make payments or at term, payoff the loan and get your item back in its original and safe condition.


Yes, you can sell us your items. Instead of posting ads online and meeting strangers to sell your goods. Come here, safe secure location. We will negotiate the best price that will leave you coming back again and again!
Come today, let us appraise your items and leave with cash in your hand!