Our Mission, Vision & Values

We have adopted a set of statements that represent My Financial Home Enterprises mission, vision, and values.

These are beliefs and convictions we live by, every day.


Our mission is to continually apply our talents and skills to make our clients, our colleagues, our firm and our communities gain clarity and focus about their financial future.
To Become and Remain Our Client’s Most Trusted Advisor.


Our vision is to be nationally recognized for delivering an unrivaled combination of successful financial management solutions and exceptional client service that matters.


Integrity – we know that trust must be earned continually, and are committed to transparency in our financial disclosures. We will maintain an environment where a commitment to quality, honesty, respect, fairness and professional ethics governs the actions and decisions of everyone within our organization.

Relationship Building – we seek to earn long-term client loyalty by developing a deep understanding of each client’s business and personal goals, by demonstrating unwavering reliability and integrity in our work and by acting as an independent and objective advisor to our clients.

Teamwork – we respect each other, value diversity and work as a team to meet our goals. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. We are good citizens in our communities.

Customer Satisfaction – we were built on serving and satisfying clients, and meeting our clients’ needs is always our No. 1 priority. We make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.

Our values represent the core of our employees’ beliefs in terms of how we want to operate as a company and as individuals.