My Financial Home Enterprises is a global consulting business specializing in financial management. We have two divisions that service our clients – our tax division and our small business division.
Our Founder and CEO, Cozette M. White, is an acclaimed author, money management strategist, speaker and philanthropic. Cozette’s innovative assessments and methodologies, will guarantee you bottom line results and success. She has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate America in leadership roles ranging from Project Management to Corporate Controller managing portfolios in excess of $500M.
White has been coined “The Money Coach” as a result of her unparalleled ability to empower not only people, but businesses also, to learn to ditch the debt and develop a plan to create the kind of wealth that leaves a secure financial legacy. She takes negative money stories and transforms them from limited beliefs to the sky’s the limit! And she grows your business. PERIOD!!! Clients are more confident, empowered and inspired to make wealth a priority and create tangible results that make a meaningful difference in their life and families.
A champion for professional, personal, and business financial well-being, Cozette exercises a multi-disciplined approach to her work. She draws not only from numbers, but also from emotional intelligence, psychology, and even neuroscience to increase their financial awareness and acquire new skills to navigate the complexities of personal finance.
White is the author of Smart Finances for Smart People, a book offering strategies and tactics to effectively manage your personal finances. She co-authored Wholistic Women Win with her debut chapter “Wear the Shoes God Intended You to Walk In.”

Cozette M. White

A Clear Vision of Our Future – our Mission, Vision & Values

We have adopted a set of statements that represent My Financial Home Enterprises mission, vision, and values.

These are beliefs and convictions we live by, every day.




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“Sparkling Clean, LLC thanks you for your great service. Your assistance with our financial matters helps us to continue to maintain and grow as a company. Your quality of work and your expertise are impeccable. I thank you for all of your suggestions and helpful points. I look forward to doing business with you.”
“We needed an infusion of revenue in our business and we needed it FAST. We needed financial system in place and a method for monitoring our progress. We needed it FAST! Within a week of working with Cozette, she implemented new KPI’s for the AQS’s management team and built our financial infrastructure which allowed the organization to monitor operating expenses and minimize cost by 67%. Within the first year our revenues increased by 187%, as a result of working with Cozette. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
“I knew I had to hire Cozette as my Virtual CFO because I wanted to triple my revenue in 2013 and knew I needed to have someone hold me accountable for monitoring my business finances. Cozette helped my company increase 157% net profit over the prior year. She is amazing, attention to detail, organized, prompt, up to code, neat, fast and efficient! These are the things that come to mind immediately when I hear Cozette White. She has helped me so much in structuring my business, setting up accounts and making good business decisions to help me be “income tax” prepared. I absolutely love her!“
“Cozette offers a variety of accounting and bookkeeping services. In fact, she has been our solid financial accounting performer in the area of taxes since 2003. It is very refreshing to find a professional who is knowledgeable, accurate, honest, efficient, cost effective, operates with high integrity and is truly customer service oriented. This has been our ongoing experience with Cozette. My commitment when hiring Cozette was greater revenue and lower expenses. I knew she would keep me accountable and help create a clear path to my vision. We our always updated with monthly and or weekly tips via email that is clear and concise. She also answers all of our questions and concerns in a timely manner without fail and advices as needed. If you are looking for a solid performer for all your financial needs with legendary customer service, look no further.”

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This is a global movement for women in business to connect, grow and prosper! We aim to help you generate wealth, promote inclusion and build networks to uplevel your business by taking action through our intensive mastermind.