We’ve all been in situations where it’s absolutely dire that we attain fast cash to meet some unexpected bill, or financial necessity. When it gets to this point, there’s no other direction to turn, other than getting a fast cash pawn loan with Instant Cash.

What Exactly Is a Pawn Loan

A Pawn Loan is a unique type of loan typically only offered at pawn shops which allows you to get money in just a matter of minutes via a simple exchange. A pawn loan is typically referred to as a collateral loan, which is a loan secured by an item, such as jewellery, gold, silver, a car, tools, white goods, lap tops  or any and all valuable items. We hold on to the item, and you get the fast cash you need with no fuss, and no hassle. Since we hold on to the item, it’s a very confident loan for us, and is a hassle free loan for you.

We Lend to all

Whether you have good or bad credit history we can help.  When you pawn your items with us, you do not have to fill in lengthy application forms which means you will walk out the door with cash in hand that same day.

What Items Can I Borrow Money Against?

At Instant cash we will lend money against all different types of items of value such as cars, boats, motorbikes, jewellery, white goods, caravans, trailers and much more.

We are also specialists in loaning against gold and diamonds with over 50 years of combined experience in the diamond, bullion and jewellery trade.

How Do I Get My Item Back

Loan contracts are for a minimum period of 3 moths from the date that you pawn your items during which time your items will be stored at our secure facility.

Of course you may redeem your loan as soon as you wish without any penalty fees

You have the right to pay interest on a monthly basis or at the end of the contract.

If you are unable to settle your loan within the 3 month contract period you can come in or contact us to arrange a payment of an extension fee to extend the term of your contract.


An Australian driver’s license with your current address is all that is required. If you don’t have a driver’s license a combination of three other documents will do. Jointly they must show your name and current address, date of birth and signature. At least one must be a government document.


For a free valuation & loan offer, tell
us about your item (s) you wish to sell or pawn
& we will contact you promptly!

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