About Us

There is an old expression “life happens.” It does, and often we need to get creative with our solutions. Whether it be a medical emergency, home, car, whatever the case may be where do you turn when “life happens?”
Instant Cash Pawn Brokers. Now before you draw any conclusion on what a pawn broker may be, or if you had a bad experience in the past, let us make you feel better. We are not in:
– Pawn Business
– Product Business
– Profit Business
We are in the people business people. Sound cliché’? Sorry, but it is the core way we do business. We understand life happens, when it does Instant Cash Pawn Brokers is there for you, when you need it the most. Feel comfortable in knowing we will do all we can to assist and help you!

Want to Talk?
Happy to talk one on one with you and your needs. Please call us direct at (02) 49 37 3500.